Don't leave your dog home all day while you're away at work or on the slopes! 

Let them come join the pack at Howling Wolf!

All day or half a day, either way, they'll thank you!

You'll be happier, they'll be happier!

  • $24....Full Day
  • $13....Half Day  
Anytime from 7am until 6pm

Endless fetching
The doggie lounge
Meet & greet
The chase is on!

 Daycare dogs join our boarders in our over 6500 square foot dog playground. It's all natural terrain enhanced with top of the line pet grass. Lots of room to run! 

There's dog safe treehouses, lots of comfy sofas, plenty of space for fetch and lots of shady trees for those hot summer days. There's even a large 8' pool with a deck and a few kiddie pools too! 

Daycare is supervised by qualified pack leaders that offer lots of love and attention. 

Occasionally, a dog may need to be redirected before aggression surfaces. Bullies get a time out and then reintroduced back into the pack. If the behavior continues they're put in a separate yard until they can play nice.

We offer photos & video of your dogs adventure with us and the other dogs sent right to your inbox! Be sure to sign up when you drop 'em off!

Your dog is sure to come home content and tired after a day at daycare. 

Created by Matt Harkins