Boarding ...where daytime is playtime!

 All of our boarding guests get a full day of daycare included in the price. 

All day to play in our over 6500 square foot doggie playground!

Comfortable bedding is provided, however, if your dog has a favorite blanket or bed we encourage you to bring it. 

Be sure to tell us about any preferences, likes or dislikes your dog may have! We want them to be happy and comfortable!


  • $30  One dog
  • $54  Two dogs
  • $71  Three dogs
  • $ call for price of 4 or more 

Free kennel bath for extended stay guests!

Everyone gets free tummy & toe washes if they get dirty from all the play!

Dog Runs

We offer 12' X 4' runs for single dogs, or larger runs for family dogs boarding together.

Upstairs we have a condo room for our smaller guests and more cozy 4' x 4' to 6' x 6' runs for our older and special needs guests. Smaller dogs may board in a 4' x 4' depending on availability.

All kennels have streaming natural light and ample fresh air ventilation.

We offer each dog a bit of comfort, affection 

and a treat at bedtime. Especially for the first time boarders.


We serve NutriSource Super Premium 2 times a day unless requested differently. You are welcome to bring your own food as well. 


Administering medication is Included. Must be in original container.

Seniors and special needs dogs welcome!

Unfixed males on a case by case basis.
 $5 extra for unaltered dogs per night. Please call ahead if you plan to board your unaltered dog.

Since we are a social kennel we require all new guests to pass a trial day. 

Bring your dog in for a few hours of free daycare to see how they do with the pack.

Bring vaccination records when you come;
or have your vet fax them to: 303-670-1749

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella 

We offer the bordetella vaccine for $20

Call us and let us know you're coming! 


Created by Matt Harkins