The Howling Wolf Difference

We enjoy the same simple, genuine joy your dog gives you. It's why we do this. 

 At Howling Wolf Kennels we know how important exercise and socialization is for dogs. 

They shouldn't be isolated in a kennel all day. 

That's why all our boarding guests get to spend most of their day outside together, along with our daycare friends, in the areas largest outdoor boarding and daycare playground!

 It's included.

 It's part of the Howling Wolf experience! 

Let your dog come join the pack! 

Click any pic for a closer look!

All boarding and daycare dogs will enjoy over 6500 square feet of all natural terrain enhanced with top of the line pet grass. 
There's lots of room for running, fetching, wrestling or just lounging on our many dog only sofas beneath the shady trees. 
We also have several dog safe tree houses with stairway entry and carpeted floors. 

 There's even a large pool for those hot summer days. Plus, a couple of kiddie pools for the less adventurous and the smaller and older ones who still need a dip to cool off. 

The dogs are supervised by qualified pack leaders with lots of love, attention, affection and of course discipline when needed.

 Bullies get a timeout and then reintroduced. If the behavior continues, they get a separate yard until they can play nice. 

 We have separate yards for our smaller and older guests if they don't want to be in the pack. If your dog isn't the social type, there's a yard for them too. Be aware that there may be extra fees if your dog cannot be with the group for behavior issues, or non-neutered/spayed dogs. 

We offer photos & video of your dogs adventure with us and the other dogs sent right to your inbox! Be sure to sign up when you drop 'em off!


Call and schedule a free "Trial Day" for your dog, they'll let you know why Howling Wolf Kennels is the place they'd rather STAY & PLAY! 

All new dogs need to spend a few hours with our current boarders so we may assess their temperament, to make sure they are sociable.

Call ahead to schedule a time for this before boarding.

 They must be current on all vaccinations:

 Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella. 

 Please bring proof or have your vet 

 We can administer the bordetella vaccine for $20 

fax them to 303-670-1749

Created by Matt Harkins